Pokemon Black and White


Game Information
Publisher: Nintendo/The Pokémon Company
Developer: Game Freak
Category: RPG
Players: 1-4 Players
ESRB: Everyone
Release Dates
Japan: September 18, 2010
North America: April 2011
Europe: Spring 2011

Pokémon Black and White versions are the two new Generation V games. These games, like the other main games before them, will introduce new features to the Pokémon world while keeping similar features from past games as well. More information about these games will be revealed in the future.

It was announced that the game was released in Japan on September 18, 2010. It will be released in America on April 1, 2011 according to GameStop.

Each Black and White game case comes inside a box that has artwork of Zekrom and Reshiram with their tails illuminated. Depending on the version you get, the outer box has black or white patterns infringing upon the background.

These games are set to feature the previously established assortment of Pokemon, but will also contain a massive amount of brand New Pokemon.

In addition to that, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White take the 3D attributes previously included in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold & SoulSilver and take them to new levels by including things like fully 3D bridges and a completely 3D city.

Pokemon Black and White are set in the region known as Isshu. Isshu is a region far away from the previous regions, requiring you to get there by Boat or Plane. It has a large city called Hiun City, with loads of buildings and skyscrapers for you to explore. Outside of the city and Isshu remains to be predominantly industrialized with various factories and train tracks existing in the various areas. As the games are set in a region far away, the main game will not feature any old Pokemon until you have beaten the main story. The games also have you playing as protagonists older than the previous playable characters.

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White are to be compatible in with the games of the previous generation; Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver through the aspect of the game known as the PokeShifter. Through this, some event Pokemon can be traded over to these games to unlock new things such as the Monster Fox Pokemon, Zoroark. There are also no evolutions or pre-evolutions of existing Pokemon from past generations.

The games also introduce a variety of new multiplayer aspects including the Live Caster, a DSi & 3DS exclusive feature, that allows for video chat with you and your friends. In addition to that, the games can now connect to the Internet for access to a site called the Pokemon Global Link. The Global Link allows you access to Random Matches on the Internet as well as a section called the Dream World which will allow you to obtain non-Isshu Pokemon, some of which have new abilities or some previous abilities and moves have changed their effects, and items that also cannot be obtained in Isshu such as Berries. You can aso combine some moves to create a new one such as the oath attacks.

As has been rumored for months, the two games will now support Kanji for Japanese players. Apparently, the game's script will change a bit as well, perhaps since those who would change to Kanji are older players (will it be a little more detailed with more advanced vocabulary?). There is a man in the game who can switch it for you. He most likely will be deleted for the American games, as we only have one alphabet.

The game's story features you having to stop Team Plasma, a team who, unlike previous teams, want to do good and intend to stop what they perceive the slavery of Pokemon caused by trainers. In addition to this, you also have to travel the region in order to get 8 badges once more. TMs no longer dissappear with one use. Lots of new trainer types show, including a football player and female baker. The Pokémon Centers have been expanded. The Poké Mart and the Global Terminal are now inside the Pokémon Center. These will be the first Main Series games to include more than one car. Dual wild Pokemon battles occur in dark green grass. People will actually run around the protagonist if he or she bumps into them and will show speech bubbles with small messages as he or she walks or runs by them. Pokemon may not follow you in these games unless you want them to.

Isshu RegionEdit

Pokemon Black & White take place within the new Isshu Region (イッシュ地方). Isshu is far away from the regions of Sinnoh, Johto, Kanto and even Hoenn and can only be accessed by boat or airplane. Isshu is far more industrialized than the other regions and as such, is more vastly populated. Below are details of all areas known. Isshu map contains fourteen cities or other major landmarks and nineteen smaller areas. Confirming yet again that Isshu is far away from the other regions in past games, the routes will start again from Route 1.

  • Kanoko Town (カノコタウン) The first town you'll be in in Isshu is Kanoka Town. This town is the dwelling of you, Belle, Cheren and Professor Araragi and is where you begin your journey. It is connected to Route 1 and is on the coast in the south-east of the Isshu region. You get your starter Pokemon here.
  • Karakusa Town (カラクサタウン). Not much is known about Karakusa Town, but when you visit the town, you shall encounter Team Plasma for the first time, as they are running a rally to try and gain support for their cause.
  • Sanyou City (サンヨウシティ). The first city you will enter is Sanyou City. This city features the first gym, run by the gym leader Dento. In addition to this, Professor Araragi's friend Makomo lives here and does her research into the Dream World. This is where you'll need to go in order to send your Pokemon from your game to the Dream World and back again.
  • Shippou City (シッポウシティ) is the second city you'll enter which has a gym. This city is incredibly old, with rail tracks that have been abandoned for over 100 years. It has a massive museum within the city and is home of the second gym of Isshu, run by the gym leader Aloe.
  • Sekka City (セッカシティ) is a city in Isshu shown within the demo. It is just below a forest area and is seen to have seasonal changes where you get access to a new area during the Winter.
  • Hiun City (ヒウンシティ). The first major city known of is Hiun City. This city is a thriving metropolis bordering on the sea. As such, it is much larger than previous cities and features a variety of areas. It utilizes the DS's 3D graphic engine to show the city from a wide range of camera angles and a vast amount of interactivity. There are markets in the city in addition to alleys between sky scrapers, a harbor which contains many boats and it is connected to other areas through the Sky Arrow Bridge.
  • Black City (ブラックシティ) exclusive in Pokemon Black, which contains many large buildings. It is very dark and contains many different people.
  • White Forest (ホワイトフォレスト) exclusive in Pokemon White. It contains large trees, where the peaks are out of sight. A wooden house is present, and many patches of tall-grass are scattered within the forest. Several people are situated within the forest, it is unknown if these are able to be battled.
  • Liberty Garden Tower is an area of Isshu located on an island. You can only gain access to it through a boat on Hiun City after you've obtained the Liberty Ticket item from a Wi-Fi Event. On this island is a tower where you'll encounter a myriad of characters, including Team Plasma. At the basement of the tower, you will encounter the legendary Pokemon Victini.

The New Battle SystemEdit

  • Aesthetic Changes

The first thing to note is the aesthetic changes to the battles. In battles in Black and White, the Pokemon are no longer just static sprites on a static background. Instead, everything is in motion. The front and backsprites of each Pokemon move at all times, some even changing movement based on certain scenarios.

In addition to the moving sprites, the camera is also adaptive during battle. With many attacks, when you attack and some attacks when you're attacked, the camera will zoom out and show your entire Pokemon doing that attack. This feature is seamless and the battles go faster than the ones in the past generation.

  • Core Changes

Has yet to be revealed.

Triple Battles Edit

Following on from the Double battle style introduced within Ruby & Sapphire, Black & White introduces the evolution of the multi-Pokemon battles and brings the Triple Battles. Triple battles involve you sending out half of your team against your opponents. As such, new mechanics are to be brought in for move targeting to allow for all 3 opponents to be targeted and moves that will hit all five other Pokemon in the field. It is likely that Triple battles will play a significant role within the game play.

  • Targeting

The targeting of the Triple Battles is determined solely by the position in the battlefield. The Pokemon in the middle has the ability to damage all the Pokemon on the field. However, the Pokemon to the sides can only target the Pokemon directly opposite and the ones in the middle. This will make strategy even more interesting. You have the ability to Move the Pokemon around during battle, but this function uses your turn and so will keep you vulnerable to attacks. In addition, Pokemon in the middle will do more damage to all the other Pokemon when using an attack that damages all its foes than a Pokemon to the side.

Triple Battle - RotationEdit

Another new battle feature is the Rotation Battle. This battle is set out like a Triple Battle but has a brand new means to battle. Here, like with Triple Battles, you send out three Pokemon. However, your Pokemon are on a stage that can rotate. You only battle one Pokemon versus one Pokemon with the other Pokemon pushed at the back. However, when you're battling, you will have the ability of rotating the stage clockwise or counterclockwise making another of your Pokemon the main Pokemon you intend to use.

This does not take your turn away and you have the ability to attack immediately with your new main Pokemon. The rotation appears to be the first thing that happens in the turn so Speed is calculated after the rotation

Miracle ShooterEdit

The Miracle Shooter is a new option that has been brought into Multiplayer battles. Previously, during multiplayer battles, you didn't have the chance to use items. However, when you have the Miracle Shooter option turned on, you and your opponents now have the ability to use items in battle. However, items are not used in the conventional manner in these Wireless Battles.

In order to maintain balance, the items have to be earned throughout the battle. Whenever you take your turn, you will get a number of points, the exact number of which is yet to be determined, and you can use these points to then purchase the use of the item. Like in the main games, this will take up your turn. There are many items possible to be used but they include items such as Revive, Ether and X Attack.

Version Differences-PokemonEdit

  • Reshiram is on the cover of Pokémon Black and Zekrom is on the cover of Pokémon White.
  • Rankurusu (the green cell) and Gochiruzeru (the black humanshaped Pokemon) are both version-exclusives. Rankurusu is in White while Gochiruzeru is in Black.
  • Churine (the Stamp Pokemon) and Monmen (the Cotton Ball Pokemon) are both version-exclusives. Churine is in White while Monmen is in Black.

Version Differences-AreasEdit

  • Black City is a city that is completely exclusive to Pokemon Black. This city will feature many characters and tasks that will not occur in Pokemon White.
  • White Forest is a city that is completely exclusive to Pokemon White. Unlike Black City, White Forest will have a variety of wild Pokemon as well as characters and tasks that will not occur in Pokemon Black.
  • Aesthetic Changes

In addition to the completely different areas in the same place of Isshu, a variety of cities and areas in the Isshu region will have aesthetic differences in the different versions.

Seasonal ChangesEdit

Following on from the inclusion of the Day cycles in Gold & Silver, Black & White takes this a step further and includes a seasonal cycle within the games.

The Cycle

Unlike the day/night cycle however, the seasonal cycle is not completely based upon and dependent on the real world seasonal cycle. Instead, each season lasts a month. This cycle allows for all four seasons to be done within four months, following which, the cycle gets repeated. This means that you will have 3 opportunities to access each season in each year.


The Seasons have several effects upon the game. First, is the obvious aesthetic change. Each season has a slightly different look, depending on what part of Isshu you're in. In addition to that, your character changes clothes to that which is appropriate for the weather. In addition to that, there are a few core changes. First, the wild Pokemon in each area will vary significantly from season to season. For example, some Pokemon will be common in the Summer, but rare in the Winter. The extent of this is not known at time of writing, so we don't know if some Pokemon are exclusive to certain seasons. Secondly, several areas will have new areas accessible within certain seasons. An example of this is just above Sekka City where, in Winter, a snowfall allows you access to a cliff side previously inaccessible. Last but not least, it affects some Pokemon such as Shikijika which it has different forms depending on the season.

Gym LeadersEdit

Like all the previous games, Pokemon Black & White features 8 Gyms that you need to go through 8 gyms within Isshu. These gyms follow the same principles but tend to have a variety of new features.

  • Gym #2 - Shippou City Gym. Location: Shippou City. Gym Leader: Aloe. Specialty: Normal.
  • Gym #3 - Hiun City Gym. Location: Hiun City. Gym Leader: Arti. Specialty: Bug
  • Gym #5 - Hodomoe City Gym. Location: Hodomoe City. Gym Leader: Yacon Specialty: Ground
  • Gym #8 - Souryuu City Gym. Location: Souryuu City. Gym Leader: Iris (in White) or Shaga (in Black) Specialty: Dragon

The C-GearEdit

  • The C-Gear is a new feature within Pokemon Black & White. It sits upon the bottom screen in a similar manner to the Poketch in Diamond & Pearl and provides a variety of features. You get it in-game after completing a task for Makomo.

Firstly, it is constantly looking for local Wireless, InfraRed and WiFi connections for you to meet with your friends. This feature can be turned off easily enough for those who do not wish to be on the constant lookout. With the DS's InfraRed signal, you can have speedy battles with up to four players and speedy trades directly from your party or PC box. You can also automatically exchange friend codes over InfraRed now. IR Options: Battle, Trade, Friend Code exchange and Feeling Check that checks the compatibility of players. The IR “Feeling Check” feature is a rhythm game between 2 players and you are supposed to use your finger (not stylus) so it can properly assess your compatibility (which is undoubtedly just how well you scored together as a pair hitting the rhythm correctly).

  • Pass By Mode

While it's on the lookout, if you come near any other person who is playing the game with their C Gear on, you will automatically connect to them and get details on them. You'll get their trainer details on the screen and can also see in real-time how they are doing in battle. For example, if their Pokemon has low Hit Points, it will inform you of it.

  • Global link

Within the C Gear, you also have the ability of syncing your game up to the Global Link. This feature will allow you to select a Pokemon to send to the Global Link and will allow you to receive Pokemon as well..


Like the games in Generation IV, Pokemon Black & White has a feature which allows you to transfer Pokemon over from games of the previous generation. This is done in Black & White through the PokeShifter feature. In an as-of-yet undisclosed location of Isshu, there is a building similar to Pal Park of Sinnoh & Kanto where you can connect to past games for the Pokemon. The PokeShifter is only available after you defeat the Elite Four, confirming their presence in the game.

To do this, you will require 2 DSs, one with Black or White, and the other with Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver. Then, when you go to connect, you will see a new menu option in the Generation IV games which will allow you to connect. Like Pal Park, you send over 6 Pokemon at a time from your boxes.It is unknown if there are any time limits.

Unlike Pal Park though, the method of obtaining them here is a simple minigame. On the top screen, you wil will see various bushes and the six Pokemon will jump between various ones. Your task here is to use a Bow which shoots out Pokeballs to try and capture them. This is controlled with the touch screen and requires good aiming. There is a reticule on the top-screen so you can see where the ball is likely to land. There is also a time limit to the capture here.

The High LinkEdit

The High Link is a new feature within Pokemon Black & White which allows you to connect to your friends and walk around the various parts of Isshu. This feature is done over local wireless. This mode is not connectible via the Pokemon Centers but in a special area in Isshu. Here, when you're hosting the High Link, everything looks normal. However, when you're the one joining somebody else's High Link, you enter a version of Isshu that is in monochrome and appear as the multiplayer avatar of your game character. You can create your own profile there. Things displayed include playtime on B/W, badges earned, time spend in Dream World, and Friend List.

In the High Link, you can walk around most areas and find your friend. You also get to find numerous support missions for you to complete to get prizes. You can team up with your friends to do these missions and other missions require you to face up against your friends. It is currently unknown how many missions there are to be able to use or any other extra features brought in.

Mission ListingsEdit

Item Mission (アイテムミッション). Time Limit: 180 Seconds. Reward: 5 Derudama. Task:

You need to go to the Tower of Heavens in Route 7 and hide an Ultra Ball within it. If another player talks to you during this mission, the mission is failed.

Battle Mission (バトルミッション). Time Limit:180 Seconds. Reward: 5 Derudama. Task: You need to go to find and challenge the High Link host to a battle. The restrictions are 2 Pokemon at Level 10. If you are refused the battle, you fail the mission.

Support Mission (サポートミッション). Time Limit:180 Seconds. Reward: 4 Derudama. Task: You need to go to find the High Link host and give them an item called Discount Power S. This Discount Power lasts for 30 minutes.

Battle SubwayEdit

In a similar manner to the Battle Towers of Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, Isshu has its own battle system, the Battle Subway. This Subway has you play through and battle trainers just like the Battle Tower. When you access the Battle Subway, you enter into a massive circular station. From here, you battle on the various trains.

  • Battle Types

Like the Battle Towers, the Battle Subway has three different battle methods:

* Single Battle - Simple 1 VS 1 Battles

* Double Battle - Simple 2 VS 2 Battles

* Multi Battles - Double Battles where you and a friend/NPC can battle through the subway

Like the Battle Tower, you battle through 7 consecutive opponents. Once you have beaten the seven opponents, then you have won that streak and earn Battle Points. Battle Points can then be used to spend on items such as Protein. Each Pokemon you face is Level 50 and there is one Trainer per carriage. It is revealed that if you keep winning battles in the Battle Subway, a new character named the Subway Master appears presumably to challenge you.

Pokemon MusicalEdit

Following on from Pokemon Contests first introduced within Ruby and Sapphire, the logical evolution of contests has come and in Isshu is labeled as a Pokemon Musical. In a city in Isshu, you'll find a Music Hall where Pokemon Musicals take place. The Musicals, unlike Contests, do not feature any of the battling aspects shown within Pokemon Contests. Instead, they just enhance the original appeals process of the Super Contests and take it to a new level.

  • Dress for Success

The first part of the Pokemon Musicals involve you dressing up your Pokemon. This is done through obtaining items similar to accessories and putting them in the Goods Case item. Then, when you start your Pokemon Musical campaign, you'll be able to select from these different costumes and props in order to kit out your Pokemon to match the premise and feel of the song.

  • Performance

After you are done dressing your Pokemon for the performance, it's time to get out there and play the music. You, along with three others, control the Pokemon through certain rhythmic pieces. The more closely you keep the music, the better you'll score. If you manage to please the audience, they'll also throw items for you to keep.

There are several preset bits of music within the game. However, in addition to that, you can download new pieces of music from the Pokemon Global Link. You will also receive a special birthday cake accessory if it's your birthday.

New Wi-Fi FeaturesEdit

Like the Generation IV games, Black & White include a variety of Wi-Fi features, some old and some new. Outside of the standard battle and trades, this page will detail all the WiFi features of the games.

Global Terminal

The Global Terminal makes a return within Black and White. However, rather than being in an isolated building in one city of Isshu, the Global Terminal is now accessible through an area in the Pokemon Centers everywhere in Isshu. The Global Terminal this time only has 3 features.

* Random Match: The Random Match feature allows for players to battle with random players across the world without the need for friend codes or prior communication.

* GTS: The GTS makes its return here as well. Not much is known about the system as to whether or not it differs from the current GTS.

Global Link

In addition to this, you also have the ability to upload your save file to Nintendo's servers. With this, you can then access a site they'll have and play games on their site which will have effects on your game. One of the new features within Pokemon Black and White is the Pokemon Global Link. This feature allows you to upload your save to the Internet to access a specific website in order to get features and Pokemon in your Black & White games.

Live Caster

You can also activate the Live Caster feature (not for the old DS or DS Lite,but they will only feature voice feature only), which allows you to use the DSi's camera to talk to friends through video feed. Locally, you can talk to up to four people, while over Wi-Fi you can only talk to two. The Live Caster will have a pen and stamp tool so you can play with the pictures while using the video chat. Characters in the game will use the Live Caster feature to talk to you as well.

Pokemon Global LinkEdit

One of the new features within Pokemon Black & White is the Pokemon Global Link. This feature allows you to upload your save to the Internet to access a specific website in order to get features and Pokemon in your Black & White games.

Game SyncEdit

To connect to the Global Link site, you need to Sync up with the website over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This is done through one of two ways. First, you can sync up using the Dream Smoke feature given by the Pokemon Munna and Musharna. In addition to this, you can also then sync up through the C Gear. When you sync up, you send across just one Pokemon to enter the dream world from your Box.

Random Match

In addition to that, once you have signed up on the Pokemon Global Link, you will have the ability to go in for Random Matches within the Pokemon Centers. Here, you can also get ranked based on your performance and your rankings will appear on the Pokemon Global Link website.

Downloadable Content

Finally, access to the Global Link will allow you to get a variety of downloadable content. After being connected to the Global Link, you'll at times be able to download some special backgrounds. Like previous games had backgrounds for your box, Black & White expands upon this to give you downloadable backgrounds for your Pokedex and C Gear. In addition to this, you'll be able to download new songs for the Pokemon Musical.

Dream WorldEdit

The Dream World is a new aspect of the games, shown as part of a website called the Pokemon Global Link. The Dream World is accessed by going to the bed in Mokoma's house in Sanyou City. From here, you use the Dream Smoke obtained by Musharna and sync your game up to your Pokemon Global Link account.

There are many different aspects of the Dream World to utilize, with this page detailing them all soon after we get access, including access to Pokemon and items that cannot be naturally found within Isshu.

Pokemon Capture

Within the Dream World, you'll occasionally encounter a variety of Pokemon. These Pokemon are not typically available within the Isshu region and thus are mostly Pokemon that were previously native to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh. These Pokemon, once you have befriended them, will then be able to be encountered within a specific area of Isshu. In this area, you will be able to capture them with great ease.

Many of the Pokemon within the Dream World will have abilities that the Pokemon you transfer over from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold & SoulSilver don't normally have, such as Vaporeon with Hydration and Glaceon with Ice Body.

Exclusive Pokemon

Pokemon Labyrinth - Eevee Evolutions. Jp. Release: July 31st 2010 to August 31st 2010.

In Japan, prior to the release of the games, the Daisuki Club opened a minigame called the Pokemon Labyrinth. This game, once completed, will give you access to one of the seven evolutions of Eevee. Like the other Pokemon from the Dream World, these Pokemon have different abilities from normal. They'll appear in the Dream World after you have synced your Global Link account to your Daisuki Club account.

Pokemon Peer - Kanto Starters. Jp. Release: September 10th 2010

On September 10th 2010, a book called Pokemon Peer is released. This book, containing interviews and features from the various game developers, also contains one of three passwords. These passwords, once entered into the Global Link, will give you access to the Kanto Starters who, like the other Pokemon, have abilities that differ from normal.

Berry Growing

In the region of Isshu, Berries do not grow. The only way to get berries is to grow them within the Dream Word. Growing is done in a similar manner to in the previous main games and once the berries have grown, you will have the ability to send them back to your game.


In addition to Berries, you'll also have the ability to find and collect items through the various games in the Dream World. In addition to that, you'll find some shelves in the Dream World where you can place items to trade with your friends. At any point in the game, you can re-sync and then go to the specific area in Isshu to collect the items of which you have sent back over.

House Decoration

The final part of the Dream World is the decoration of your house. This house is on a floating island and you have the ability to decorate it in whatever manner you please using the decorations. In addition to decorating them, you also have the ability to link up your Dream World dwelling with the dwellings of your friends to allow your Pokemon to play with each other. This connection is required to allow your friends access to the items you put on the shelves.

Important CharactersEdit

  • Professor Araragi is the Professor of the Isshu region and has a Chillarmy. Living in the same town as you, Cheren, and Belle, she gives you the Pokedex to start your journey. After you have your starter Pokemon, she will request for you to see all the Pokemon within Isshu. She'll crop up through the game to give you advice.
  • Makomo is one of the friends of Professor Araragi and will help you at various points in the game. As a researcher, she is deeply involved within the Pokemon Global Link and will even give you the C Gear item.
  • Cheren (the black-haired boy) is one of your childhood friends and will receive a starter Pokemon from Professor Araragi at the same time as you. He's extremely trustworthy and intelligent, and will give you advice throughout your journey. Starting on his journey, he will appear throughout the game, challenging you to battles quite often to keep your skills fresh. His goal is to be a champion.
  • Belle (the blonde girl) is one of your childhood friends and will receive a starter Pokemon from Professor Araragi at the same time as you. She also starts her journey at the same time as you, despite the protests of her father. She is a bit unreliable and will not crop up at the right times, but she will grow as the story progresses. She will still turn up and challenge you at a variety of occasions.
  • The mysterious trainer, known only as N, will appear throughout your journey, challenging you to battles. He has a view that Pokemon are friends and should not be used in the manner they are. He wishes to separate Pokemon and Humans and is looking for the power in order to make his idea occur.
  • Geechisu is one of the executives within Team Plasma. There have been numerous images of him in cutscenes grabbing the crown. You first meet him in Garaku Town where he is running a speech to the locals about how you shouldn't enslave Pokemon.
  • The Player's Family will give you a present for you and your friends containing your starter Pokemon in addition to the starter Pokemon for Belle and Cheren.

Wi-Fi EventsEdit

Victini's Wi-fi EventEdit

  • The first Wi-Fi Event in Pokemon Black & White gives you the special item, the Liberty Ticket (リバティチケット) which is distributed to Black and White via Wi-Fi, DS Stations, and Nintendo Zones from September 18th to October 18th. This ticket will give you access to a special area in Isshu where you will find the Pokemon Victini in the basement of Liberty Garden Tower. This allows you to capture Victini and is the only way to obtain it. It'll reappear if you K.O. it accidentally.

In-Game Zorua EventEdit

  • When you transfer Celebi over from the Generation IV games, you will be able to find two characters in one of Hiun City's gates. When you talk to the character with Celebi in your party, Celebi will pop out of its Pokeball and Zorua will change from its Illusion. The trainer for Zorua will give you it as a gift due to how well they played together. It is at level 10 and it knows the moves Leer, Scratch, Pursuit and Fake Tears.

In Game Zoroark EventEdit

  • When you transfer Raikou, Entei or Suicune from your games to Black and White, you will be able to get access to the Illusion Forest area. This area will feature a character who mentions a Pokemon that has been known to create illusions. You will find a Pokemon matching one of the beasts that you didn't transfer over. If you send over Raikou, you will see Entei. Send over Entei and you'll see Suicune and send over Suicune and you'll see Raikou. When you attack, you'll see that it is in fact a Zoroark. This is the only way you can capture Zoroark. It is at level 25 and it knows the moves Fury Swipes, Faint Attack, Scary Face and Taunt.


  • As shown on the map of Isshu there are two sets of mountains, one on each side of the region. This may suggest that Zekrom lives in one of these sets of mountains while Reshiram lives in the other.
  • Currently all new Pokemon have been revealed.

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