Route 6
Information about route 6
Region: Kanto
Connecting locations: ↑North - Saffron City
↓South - Vermilion City
Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal
Needed HM: Surf
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Route 6 is a route in Kanto that connects Saffron City in the north to Vermilion City in the south.


Rare Candy (FRLG)

Sitrus Berry (FRLG)


Wild PokemonEdit

Generation IEdit

Wild Pokémon
Pokemon Level Rate Version How
Oddish 13-16 40% Red Grass
Bellsprout 13-16 40% Blue Grass
Pidgey 13-17 35% Red and Blue Grass
Pidgey 15-17 45% Yellow Grass
Mankey 10-16 25% Red Grass
Meowth 10-16 40% Blue Grass
Rattata 14-16 25% Yellow Grass
Abra 7 15% Yellow Grass
Jigglypuff 3-7 10% Yellow Grass
Pidgeotto 17 5% Yellow Grass
Psyduck 15 95% Yellow Surf
Golduck 15-20 5% Yellow Surf
Magikarp 5 100% Red, Blue, And yellow Old Rod

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